Serious Pie

I just haven’t been cooking, guys. Ben has been super busy and we haven’t had a lot of dinners at home, and when we have I’m afraid I’ve been doing a lot of pizzas (built on crusts from WF, agh) and salads. I keep going to iPhoto looking for something to upload and blog but I’m running on empty, here! (Literally. I think the nutritional balance of the Flaim household has dropped significantly over the past month or two.)

I truly, truly hope to get things back on track soon, but meanwhile how about a slice of pie, made by the genius pie fairies at the Agawam Diner in Rowley, MA up on the North Shore:

Coconut Cream Pie

Oooooh yeah. That’s coconut cream pie, homemade, and the size of my head. Other options included, on Sunday, custard, chocolate cream, chocolate mousse (more like a cake), “squash”, banana cream, apple, strawberry-rhubarb, and enough others that once I’d fixed on coconut cream I sort of tuned out. In the past the crust has been so-so, but this time it was great.

The Agawam Diner is our favorite mid-ramble lunch spot–it’s a classic 50s shiny metal diner with classic diner food (Ben most recently had chicken salad on a buttered and grilled NE-style hot dog bun), service that varies from lovingly gruff to surly, and amazing prices. And pie. Michael Stern reviewed it for Road Food a couple years ago.

Highly recommended.

9 thoughts on “Serious Pie”

  1. Poor Brooke!

    Annelise- We have, but it’s been a while. We’ve somehow managed to always go at the wrong time, like the week after Brimfield when no vendors really show up. Ha! But it’s one of my goals for this spring/summer to get up there a couple times.

  2. Agawam and Todd Farm are the perfect summer combo. Blueberry pancakes at the Agawam are so good. Thanks for reminding me of a place that needs to be visited again soon.

  3. Good to know the pancakes are good–I’m always tempted by “breakfast all day” but it’s usually 4 p.m. by the time we get up there. I usually end up with the clam roll (another application of the grilled buttered hot dog bun) or a grilled cheese and part of Ben’s chocolate frappe. We learned the hard way about frappes vs. “milkshakes” in this part of New England! (For those outside the region, a milkshake is chocolate milk. Like, milk shaken with syrup. A frappe is blended ice cream, etc.; what I grew up calling a milkshake.)

    FYI, anyone who visits the Agawam: In my opinion the fries aren’t anything to write home about. Save that space in your stomach for pie.

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