Big news: Why I wasn’t cooking

Ok, I finally feel like I can put this out there: I actually had a legitimate reason for completely flaking out, food- and blog-wise, for a couple months there. The Girl Reporter household is adding a new member this summer; we’re expecting a Flaimlet! I’m due in August, and I cannot express how repulsive food seemed for most of December-January. Also I was napping a lot.

As a matter of fact, we found out on the DAY OF our holiday party (which explains our dazed/delirious looks in the photos, despite my consumption of sparkling cider only), and that was my last real cooking effort for quite a while. Over Christmas in Oregon I indulged in such lavish delicacies as half a cup of yogurt with a bit of granola while everyone else ate beef bourguignon. And then laid still for a while. Party on! (Note to pregnant ladies: Eat, even if you aren’t hungry. Saltines did nothing for me; I needed protein. Once I added raw almonds, greek yogurt, etc. to my mid-afternoon routine life became muuuuch easier.)

Now that my appetite has come back (with a vengeance, sigh) and we’re back from a few trips, hopefully I’ll be cooking regularly again. Poor Ben had a meager diet for a while there. Meanwhile, I thought these photos were fun, juxtaposed against their summer counterparts. We were out at Crane Beach and around a pond further inland a couple weekends ago, and later I realized I had similar photos from a trip to those exact spots when everything was significantly warmer.

Crane Beach, January 31:

Crane beach, winter

Crane Beach, July 5:

Summer on the North Shore

Salt marches near Crane Beach, January 31:

Crane beach, winter

Crane beach, winter

Crane beach, winter

Looking down at the marshes, July 5:

Summer on the North Shore

Pond with the best swimming hole, January 31 (Someone kept biking around, but we couldn’t get a clear shot):


Swimming hole, July 5:

Summer on the North Shore

14 thoughts on “Big news: Why I wasn’t cooking”

  1. Congratulation on the new addition! We are expecting our first little one in May – and I can totally empathize with your loss of interest in food. The first time I sat down to make a grocery list (three months into the pregnancy), I thought my husband was actually going to cry tears of joy that he was going to be properly fed again.

  2. Glad this is finally out there for the world to see and celebrate! We’re ecstatic, of course, and are starting to share the Very Happy News with selected friends and colleagues. The ones with experience at grandparenthood are giving lots of advice, such as “you’ll have to make more trips East” and “Skype!”

  3. From one pregnant lady to another Congrats Kate! I’m glad your appetite has returned. Here’s wishing you an “easy” pregnancy!

  4. Congratulations! I’m expecting my first in September and feel like I may never enjoy food again. It’s hopeful to hear this may pass soon.

  5. Congratulations! I’m pregnant too, and eating protein really made me feel better those first few weeks. I think keeping a healthful high protein snack in you is about the best thing to do!

  6. I think I’ll use this public platform to squeal to you a little more.

    Top of the shelf children’s books!!!

    Squam Lake swimming!!!

    Kate-made delicious baby food!!!

    I’m already insanely jealous of baby Flaim’s life.

  7. Congrats, Kate! I sought out your blog today because we were talking about cooking blogs in the InnoCafe and the conversation reminded me of you. Parenthood is such a wonderful experience. Best, Gretchen

  8. Thanks, all! Congrats, Molly and Coral….Coral, keep your chin up! It really will improve.

    Amy, I hope I can live up to these high expectations!

    Gretchen, thank you for stopping in! You must have a toddler by now, right?

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