Hi, I’m Kate.

I am a freelance writer and mom of three. In addition to working on staff at Fortune Magazine, I’ve freelanced for other publications, run a food blog, done academic editing work, managed social media for a small start-up, and worked as a strategy consultant. Click here for links to a variety of clips. I am currently working on several picture books for children, as well as a middle-grade novel.

My main areas of interest are design, food, consumer goods, retail and lifestyle issues, but I’m versatile! Please get in touch if you have writing or editing work you need help with, and I’ll be happy to discuss rates.

Want a peek at my world? Find me on Instagram. I also have a lot to say on Twitter.

Looking for the blog? It’s dormant these days, but the archives are there if you need a recipe. Here it is: Kate F., Girl Reporter

2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hey Cousin! I have at last found out how to get in touch with you. You should really think about visiting South Carolina… especially if it get you out of the snow! Write back soon.
    Love ya,
    Dana Greenleaf

  2. Random question…how is the RH boulangerie table holding up for you? My wife and I are looking at purchasing and I saw on Pinterest that you bought one when I was looking for similar tables. Thanks for any advice on whether we should or shouldn’t.

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