Clips and projects

Fortune Magazine
I was on staff at Fortune Magazine for four years, and you can read many of my stories here. I continue to freelance for Fortune.
(My byline at Fortune until 2006 was Kate Bonamici.)
Selected stories
Food, wine, and travel coverage:
Table to Farm (farm dinners)
The Anti-Tour
Culinary vacations (Web version)
Inconspicuous Consumption: Recession-friendly client lunches (edited web version)
How to win at wine auction
Wine shouldn’t be work
The Grapes of Math

Product coverage:
2014 Gift Guide: The Upgrade
2013 Gift Guide (online format has lost photos)
2012 Gift Guide (separate slide show for each category): Find a Hobby, Get Outside, Indulge, Get Healthy, Get Connected
2011 Gift Guide (separate slide show for each category): The Style Hound, The Gourmet, The Weekend Warrior, The Culture Junkie, The Techie
2010 Gift Guide: What the bosses are giving
2009 Gift Guide
2008 Office Gift Guide
The Fortune $500
A New Ride for High-Flyers

Interviews & first-person stories
Chef Daniel Boulud: Five Meals Worth Flying For
Rainn Wilson: Getting Ahead at The Office
Barry Cunningham: Discovering Harry Potter
Jeffrey Swartz: The Shoe-In (Timberland CEO)
Andy Grove: Grove of Academe, 12/12/05

25 That Made History (Research, development; wrote 6 of the “decisions”)
Decoding the Dresscode

Other projects
Fast Company Magazine

The Napkin Sketch
Going Native
Interviews & First-person stories:
Fast Talk: Talent Hives, April 2009:
David Novak: Winging It (YUM Brands CEO)
Book reviews:
Smart Books 2008
To Infinity and Beyond: Pixar Animation
Raising a bookworm
Series Reads for Tweens
Time-travel between the pages
Kid-friendly museum trips
Planning a Family Game Night
Slow Cooker Tips
How to Host a Clothing Swap
I spent two years blogging for Fit Pregnancy’s website, chronicling my pregnancy and Tuck’s first year-and-a-half.
The entries aren’t organized any more, but most can be found here.

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