The pictures from Monday…

Re. the Flickr problem on Monday, from my mom’s computer in Oregon when I’m not logged in I can choose “copy image address” but it copies a blank fake address. Awesome. Using Gretchen’s workaround (which requires going into the “all sizes” view once logged in), here are some things:

Bittersweet branches for fall:

A convention on the kitchen counter, prompted by the invasion of the gravy strainer:

This garlic clove looked like a bum:


Seriously though, Flickr can’t….this isn’t sustainable. It takes forever to click through three pages to grab each link!

Dinner last night: Steak, pepperonata, beets, beans, and a salad I copied from dinner Friday at The Butcher Shop: Frisee, bacon vinaigrette, shaved egg, roasted fingerling potatoes.

Dinner tonight: Goin’s toasted pasta with cauliflower and cavolo nero.

Don’t you wish you were in Oregon with me?

5 thoughts on “The pictures from Monday…”

  1. Um, that pasta sounds AMAZING! Hi to the fam! (And what a cute bum!) (I hope you are feeling better, too!)


  2. I’m sure you get this all the time, but your blog is just amazing. It communicates such love of food, design, art and family life, and is so beautifully written. And I appreciate that you only post when you have something special to share: when you pop up in my blog reader, I know you have a good reason.

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