Woe is me

Domino Magazine is folding? *Weeps*

It seems awfully short-sighted to me, but I shouldn’t be surprised. The rumors have been swirling for months. I do hope Condé Nast keeps the website up, since it’s become a great repository of cool images and home tours, and I love the My Deco Book function.

A real entry will follow soon. About food. And decorating, maybe–I’m helping a neighbor redo his place!

2 thoughts on “Woe is me”

  1. Shocking, no?

    But expected… sigh!

    It was super fun while it lasted!!! Thank you for being my stalwart friend and regular reader – you are a jewel, dear Kate!

    Domino was such a cool mag – it’s a shame, but Conde Nast can be a little weird, I think. Bailing when they should see a thing through. It’s happened before!

    I’ll be commenting and keeping you posted on when my new site goes up … I am needing comfort food – I’m making a grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with short ribs…

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