One tiny chicken, three+ dinners

You know, if I were to write a parody of Real Simple and other magazines aimed at over-scheduled upper-middle-class suburban moms (and those of us who will no doubt be OSUMCSMs (catchy) in a few more years, heh) I would probably focus the food section on how rotisserie chickens are The Answer! To Everything!

And I’ve never bought one.

But last month I was down in CT visiting Greta and Jack, along w/ our friend Ann, while all the husbands went skiing for the weekend, and Greta turned out a series of awesome meals while also chasing after a toddler, and one night she pulled out a rotisserie chicken and we pretty much just ate it while standing around the kitchen counter and pulling pieces off with our hands, and I thought “Genius! Ready-to-eat meat, plus leftovers!” as if I hadn’t read that exact tip 9000 times.

So I had Ben pick up a rotisserie chicken, and when he got it home I looked at the weight and thought “good lord, a pound and a half? It’s minsky!” but then I got three meals out of it and still had leftover shredded meat, which I never did use because I’m a mess.

Anyway. Night one: Chicken w/ fried polenta cakes and cavalo nero slow-cooked with garlic. Oily and delicious, just the way I like it.

Night two: Shredded chicken quesadillas. (I shredded the chicken and heated it up in a bit of broth with taco spice from Christina’s spice shop in it, but I don’t think I used enough spice mix.)

BTW, I use greek yogurt instead of sour cream. My mom always used plain yogurt and you don’t really notice the difference, especially w/ greek yogurt, since it’s so thick.

Night three: Nachos! It was Friday.

Once again Trader Joe’s impressed me: I used their “longboard” corn chips, which were delicious, and the mild salsa that isn’t chunky, from the refrigerated section. That was *awesome*.

I’m in a funk, guys. I miss NYC and I’m kind of lonely in Cambridge. I don’t leave the house enough, especially when the weather is bad. I feel like there are art projects or something exploding inside me, but I can’t seem to actually do anything. I am excited to work on updating my downstairs neighbor’s apartment: He has loads of great antiques and things, but needs a hand picking paint colors, rearranging the rooms, and paring down. I already found him a leather chesterfield sofa on craig’s list for a song, which was satisfying. And yesterday I amused myself drawing a floorplan and playing with furniture placement. But what am I to do with all the inspiration pictures I just put in Domino Deco File books last week? Sigh.

4 thoughts on “One tiny chicken, three+ dinners”

  1. As a devoted quesadilla enthusiast, I have to also encourage people to try out various yogurt options. They’re all slightly different from your traditional sour cream, but all have something to offer (both flavor and nutrition-wise).

    Personally, my fave is Pavel’s russian with some tapatio mixed in. That and fresh salsa make even a plane-jane jack cheese quesadilla a little gourmet.

  2. Perk up! It’s the Midwinter blues — but the days are getting longer… And it sounds like you’ve got a great project downstairs. Don’t forget to ask if you can post photos, etc. (Did I miss that post? I’ve been MIA.)

    Finally, don’t forget the chicken carcass. I boiled mine with celery, carrots and onion and then strained and kept boiling down for a fantastic stock. A day more and I’d be working on a demi-glace.

  3. I’m a fan of the handy rotisserie chicken! And now I’m wondering if drool is bad for my keyboard. Your photos look yum and make me want to cook things. Instead I have to go back to my article about decollete care. *sigh* Plus, I’m PMSing and craving Cheetos of all things. Ugh.

    Upside? Camping at my friend’s condo and she’s a foodie! She loves to cook stuff! She’ll be home soon to make something yummy and life will be all better.

    Reminds me, must show her your site!

  4. Kate- I’m glad you’ve discovered the rotisserie chicken! It sometimes is my saving grace I’ll buy one along with the fresh express pacifica salad mix and wallah it’s dinner. Organizing and home improvement projects or plans are my go to’s when I am feeling the need to be creative. I’d love to see before/after pics on your neighbors house. Here’s hoping spring comes soon!

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