The power of bacon

Last Tuesday we grilled burgers (well, Ben grilled), and I tried to recreate Ben’s favorite Big Nick’s burger for him. I always thought blue cheese, bacon and avocado on a large burger was several steps beyond overkill, but he loved that thing. Well, the blue cheese I had hanging around was funkier than even blue cheese should be, so I swapped in cheddar, and despite my misgivings it was fantastic. I must say, I seem to have a good feel for avocado ripeness!

Anyway, we had some bacon and half an avocado left over, in addition to FOUR ciabatta rolls (thanks, Whole Foods, for only have bagels and tiny french rolls available one at a time), so in addition to ciabatta rolls with peanut butter for breakfast last week, I had the remaining avocado with half the bacon on a roll for lunch Thursday, and was unspeakably happy. And then Friday I made, in essence, a tiny bacon butty, with the last roll, butter, and the remaining bacon. I know it’s obvious, but seriously, people, revisit those simple, simple classics sometimes. That was the best weekday breakfast I’ve had in months. Maybe years.

Good Bacon.
Good bread.


6 thoughts on “The power of bacon”

  1. Drool. Slobber. MMMMMMmmmmmm… bacon……..mmmmmmmm…..butter……..bread…….drool…….mmmmmm…

    okay, I know I’m embarassing myself, but BACON!!!

    Have you tried Trader Joe’s Chicken Chorizo? It is surprisingly yummy – delicious, even – I think I’m going to try and make a triple pork burger out of all chicken/turkey products this weekend. For some crazy reason, I know alot of people who don’t eat pork. Whatever!

  2. kate– you have been busy! If Ben loves blue cheese on his burger, you must take him to the Spotted Pig next time you are in NYC. It really is one of the best cheeseburgers ever– and large enough to split if you get one other item!!

    Germi, I will keep my eyes peeled for the chicken chorizo! I am a ridiculous fan of TJs and just discovered a new favorite: they now have steamed, peeled beets in the refrigerated section that I used in salads and they are goooood!

  3. Germi- Ha! The idea of a pork-free triple pork burger is hilarious, but I can’t see why that wouldn’t work… It won’t be quite as luscious but I bet it will still be a damn fine burger.

    Juree- Oh man, I know. I had it last time I was in NY with my friend Bridge, and I couldn’t come close to finishing mine. Those shoestring fries are to die for, too…
    Also, steamed, peeled beets! HANDY! God, I love Trader Joe’s.

  4. Juree! Hi there!
    How fun chatting with you on Kate’s blog – like a party!

    I LOVE the beets… but I have to eat them when Jan isn’t around because just the look of beets weirds him out.

    There’s a place in LA that was voted the best burger in town, called My Father’s Office – they only serve one kind of burger, it is piled high with blue cheese, and if you order a burger w/o the blue cheese, they tell you to take a hike. When you and Ben come to town, Kate, it’s Blue Cheese burgers on me! You come too, Juree!

  5. My favorite thing at Le Bon Cafe on the Hill…jambon et buerre or whatever it’s called. Ham + super fresh butter + baguette. Heavens.

  6. Germi- I have read about that place!! I looooove blue cheese on my burger! And I will definitely take you up on that offer someday! By the way, i just blogged about my favorite pizza place in Portland. it is soooo good!

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