Mindless meals

There has not been a ton of cooking going on in the Girl Reporter household, I’m afraid. I did come home from my pottery class on Monday and found that Ben had grilled sausages to eat with couscous and green beans–very impressive. But he couldn’t find my camera so there is no photographic proof.

Here are two “agh, dinner?” meals we ate last week:

Sunday night, starving but unmotivated, a bit concerned about the bag of arugula lying listlessly in the produce drawer, I cooked up some Rising Moon ravioli (a mushroom flavored package, though they weren’t, very) and sautéed the arugula in olive oil and butter. This was an experiment, as I usually use it raw or wilted into pasta dishes, rather than sautéed, but it worked very nicely.

A few nights later, we needed something homey and I had some broccoflower (…what a name), also languishing in the produce drawer, so I made my first absorption pasta in months and it was divine. Ben declared it a Top 5 meal, and I must say the leftovers the next day made me happy for quite a long time.

I took the sausage out of its casing and browned it, removed it, then sautéed the broccoflower florets (cut up quite small) in a little oil and garlic, like I did the cauliflower for the pasta with cauliflower and walnuts. I forgot to hold the garlic back till the end, though, and instead put it in with the oil before the broccoflower. At the time I was mad because it seemed to be over-browning, since the broccoflower (oh my god, that name) took a while to cook, but the dish, in the end, had a nice smoky flavor and I don’t know which thing I burned contributed that, but it worked out nicely.

Meanwhile I cooked the pasta (risotto-style, people–link is above if you haven’t done this yet; it is luscious and so worth it), then stirred everything together and voila, I want more right this minute actually.

I am going to Hanover this weekend to help my brother get ready for his upcoming European Jaunt. Pictures to come, I’m sure! Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Mindless meals”

  1. Absorbtion pasta is my favorite … another thing I picked up here and simply can’t do without!
    It looks so creamy and rich I feel I could lick the picture right off the screen…

  2. Rising moon! A taste from home. Makes me think of being a teenager and going to their booth at the country fair with Mark trying scam a free beverage — the “Ruby Nipple,” some kind of tea-based softdrink — by painting his tits red. Ahhh, tolerant Oregon.

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