Keeping warm

We went to Florida this weekend to visit some dear friends and their 15-month old baby, and it was a shock to the system to get back to Boston, a mere 8 hours after leaving the white-sand beach on an 80-degree day, and walk out of the airport to frigid 18-degree winds. Yikes.


Maybe tonight’s the night to break into the fancy peppermint-infused hot chocolate mix I bought on a post-Christmas sale at Williams-Sonoma? In the meantime I’m looking at a photo of last week’s tulips and thinking about Valentine’s menus. We’ve given up on going out; it’s like New Year’s in terms of overcrowded, rushed restaurants serving so-so fixed menus… Last year I made a classic steak and potatoes dinner, along with those overplayed molten chocolate cakes. Ben loves them and I admit they are very tasty. This year I might do something lighter–maybe a fancy pasta and a really great salad, and then something rich for dessert?

What are you guys cooking for Valentine’s Day?

3 thoughts on “Keeping warm”

  1. We are having grilled pork loin with cranberry rosemary sauce, brown butter broccoli and roasted red potatoes.

    I am going to attempt creme brule’ for dessert. I can’t wait to try out my new torch!

  2. I agree with you about avoiding restaurants on ‘event’ nights.

    We’re debating between lamb chops and a luscious smoked salmon pasta that is appropriately pink. I bought a split of nice Champagne, which is all we ever want anyway, and a tiny wedge of Delice du Bourgonne to go with it. We’ve learned not to to load up on the appetizers though that is one way to go; just have appetizers and forget fixing dinner!

  3. apparently I am eating airplane food? I don’t know…he won’t tell me anything! if I coooould cook, I would be making lightly breaded, sauteed tilapia in a lemon wine sauce with braised brussel sprouts and cauliflower puree (with a bit of saffron to give it a bit of smokiness). I made a variation of the volcano cake (which M also loves) with a red velvet cake and a chocolate mouse filling. It was stupendous! And not as heavy as a normal volcano cake.

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