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Emily tagged me to post seven random things about myself. This is so much tougher than you’d think!

1. Cooking chicken makes me nervous. I’d rather deal with pork or beef.


2. I still re-read my childhood favorites when I need comforting. In the last six months I’ve read all the Little House books, all the Elizabeth Enright Melendy Family books, Howl’s Moving Castle and A Little Princess. I also re-read all the Austen books regularly (I’m currently in the middle of Emma, my least favorite), and the Dorothy Sayers Lord Peter Wimsey books, as well. I love re-reading books; the characters have been my friends for decades and it’s always relaxing to dip back into favorites scenes.

(awesome t-shirt (which I own) by Bookshelves of Doom)

3. I played violin from fourth through ninth grades and I loved theater. One term in eighth grade I was in the spring musical, the top orchestra and choir (I’m an alto). I haven’t performed in anything since my senior year of high school, when I played Ophelia in Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead. I also love to paint and want to take art classes.

4. Nine out of ten evenings that Ben isn’t home for dinner I make myself a fried egg sandwich and eat it in front of the tv.

5. I loathe cilantro. I once read an article that said there’s a chemical in it that you either can or can’t smell, and the ability to smell that chemical is what makes it smell like soap (or much worse) to me. My mom doesn’t believe me that the article existed, and I never was able to find it again.


6. I have terrible trouble with shoes. My feet are wide and I tend to either be squeezed into shoes that are the right length but too narrow, or falling out of shoes that fit my toes but flop off the heel. I hate shoe shopping and I usually have multiple pairs of brand new shoes that hurt too much to break in lying around making me feel guilty. I will admit that I end up wearing a lot of Aerosoles.

7. (Following in Emily’s footsteps…) My middle name is Kehrl, my grandmother’s maiden name. It sounds like it should be spelled Carol. I regularly mixed the H and R up until I was about 11.

Front: My grandmother’s brothers and my grandmother; Back: My great-grandparents and a friend

I tag Germi, Laura and Mrs. Limestone.

7 thoughts on “7 things”

  1. Im the same way about shoes. They never seem to fit me correctly. Even sneakers require a breaking in period for me!!! I’ll never be a shoe luster. And I dont think it has anything to do with the shape or size of my foot – I just have zero tolerance for being uncomfortable.

  2. Same deal with the shoes. I love peep toes but it’s a disturbing look when you can’t see the toes! Try born shoes, they seem to work well for me and my feet have similar “issues”. Clarks Indigo line is nice too.

  3. It makes me feel like less of a freak to know that other people have the same shoe problems I do! I do recommend aerosoles–you have to be choosy about the styles but the winner are super-comfy (witness the wedges pictured above, which I can wear for 10 hours straight).

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