Perfect day

Almost two weeks ago we were home for the weekend, without guests or a trip, for the first time since…. Hmm, early September. There was a crazy storm on Saturday, which I was excited to see forecast since Ben had studying to do and I wanted nothing so much as an excuse to laze around all day. Friday I got a delivery of a lovely loaf of challah from a guy in the office, and I stopped after work to pick up essential groceries so we wouldn’t have to go outside all day.

Witness, a perfect day (half of the Sunday NY Times comes Saturday, so we had that handy!):

I wandered out to the dining room around 9:30, greeted by steaming steel-cut oatmeal cooked by Ben, who is the Oatmeal Master. His other areas of expertise: brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and pancakes. I’m not going to argue with that skill set!

After a very leisurely breakfast we retired to the living room and lit a fire, which we kept going all day. It was a violent storm, extremely windy with sheets of rain and dramatic whipping-about of all the trees.

When we got hungry for a little lunch, I got out the naan I’d bought the night before, drizzled them with olive oil, and topped Ben’s with goat cheese and mine with ricotta salata and leftover beets, and heated them up:

Later there was mint tea (I love the Trader Joe’s brand):

And through the day, the fire and my annual re-read of Pride & Prejudice. What could be better?

We were supposed to go to a party that night but we didn’t end up heading out into the rain. A friend from b-school came over and we had a casual pasta dinner. So cozy! As much as I envy the outdoor living thing you can do in Southern CA, I could never give up late fall/winter days.

7 thoughts on “Perfect day”

  1. So jealous…. I wish I had a cozy fireplace. I get fall fever the way others get spring fever. I missed it dearly while going to school in California. So thankful to have it back.

  2. I love all those things, but the fireplace about all else. the smell of wood burning on a cold day when you get to cozy up inside is just lovely!

  3. Oh, how wonderful! You captured “cozy” perfectly! My desire for coziness is huge, and we don’t get enough opportunity for it here in the land of Outdoor Living! My beautiful fireplace goes totally unused most winters! Isn’t that SAD?

    Kate, think of me next time you’re cozy … I LOVE your perfect day!

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