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Ben ordered the new stove, and we’re thinking about hoods; scary and exciting stuff. Here’s what we’re thinking:

Hood: We need a recirculating hood because drilling through to the outside for ventilation will be a nightmare. Not sure what to do yet.

Stove: I saw the white enamel Viking in Domino at least a year ago and flagged the page, never imagining I might actually have a place to put it. Over the summer I saw it in person at the kitchen showroom where E worked. Stunning. Supposedly it is coming Friday! We will see if the plumber can actually detach our old stove in time, and come hook up the new one. Sadly, I leave for London Saturday night so I won’t get to play with the new stove much at all. (The photo is of the 36″ version–we’re getting the 30″, which will free up some space on that side of the room.)

I have ordered a bunch of prints over the last couple months (for all over the house), and when the last one arrives I will start thinking about how to frame them. I mocked these up at Frames by Mail… I’m thinking these first two, with some other stuff, would be good in the kitchen:
Amy Ross, Manshroom

Keep Calm, Tea

I adore Etsy artist Sk8ordiehard, and I’ve been eyeing her Fungi poster for many moons. But the bright colors definitely send things in a different direction than those mellow browns. Hmmmm.

I already have those first two prints (well, “Tea” is on its way), but they could live in other places in the Funghi poster seems like a better fit in the kitchen. What do you think?

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    You really deserve this… and it will look incredible in your kitchen. When we remodeled, I had to beg for a “real” stove – I told Jan I’d become a better cook once I had the right fire. And I was right! I AM a better cook with my wonderful Wolf.
    But that Viking is beyond… and while I can’t imagine you becoming a better cook, better fire maks everything … better…


  2. The funny thing is that if the oven on the current stove (from the 50s, I think) were bigger, we’d keep it. The BTUs on this thing are insane! But I have to light it with a lighter (annoying), and the oven is tiny. I can’t wait to have a normal-sized oven again, and that stove is just. so. pretty.


  3. Hey, I never knew you could mock-up frames online. I need to go check out that frame site you mentioned. I’m so happy to be part of your collection! That tea print is fabulous, and I’ve also been coveting the fungi print on Etsy. You know what they say about great minds… Ha!


  4. Amy! Thanks for visiting! V. funny that we have matching taste… The Manshroom makes me very happy, you’ll be glad to know! Even though it’s the opposite of them, it makes me think of the Monopods (dwarves with one giant foot, who sleep upside down with the foot as a parasol) in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (C.S. Lewis). They’re described as looking like giant toadstools.

    Yes, Frames by Mail lets you upload a jpeg and then try out different frames and mats. Handy!

  5. The White Viking is GORGEOUS! We have a stainless steel Viking, which is nice, but we can’t really cook so we don’t do it justice. I am really happy for you, and look forward to seeing pictures of yours once it is installed.

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