Renovation pics

Ok, here are some photos of the in-progress kitchen… The cabinets and counters have arrived (courtesy of an incredibly rude and insulting outsourced delivery guy) and are in the dining room, along with the old fridge. (Anyone need a fridge?)

I added pictures to the Before and After photo set on Flickr, though I need to update that now that our living room looks totally different.

Meanwhile, here what it looked like until Wednesday morning if you looked into the kitchen through the butler’s pantry (well, the fridge wasn’t usually pulled out like that…):

Here it is now:

The sink (sporting a stylish map of where the electrician needs to install outlets):

R.I.P., gorgeous but enormous and impractical sink. Someday maybe I can have one like you again. If only you weren’t four feet wide. (Anyone need a huge cast iron double-bowl sink, with drain board?):

I’m now waiting for the new fridge to arrive, which is very exciting.

2 thoughts on “Renovation pics”

  1. Oh, no problem, Xander! 😉
    It was beautiful but we just couldn’t keep it and have a good stretch of counter. It was huge!

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