Renovation weekend

Well, we’re nearly there! To recap, as of Saturday morning the kitchen looked like this:

At eight p.m. last night it looked like this (the bearded fellow is my brother Tom, who is overqualified for Ikea assembly):

This morning it looked like this (we like to clean up at night!):

After a very busy afternoon and bullying Tom into spending one more night here, we have this:

Why yes, it is a new color! And yes, I’m thrilled that I spent ages painting that blue “backsplash” yesterday, and then repainting most of it when the paint bubbled off the wallboard after I used painter’s tape on it.

Ben got a bee in his bonnet that we should paint before installing everything (which, to be fair, was something I’d been saying but then had figured was impossible. He single-handedly put at least two coats on, with a brush, this afternoon. The big counter and the sink aren’t really installed yet, we’d just placed them to cut the slot to fit the sink into the….never mind. The plumber and electrician are supposedly coming back tomorrow, at which point the sink will be installed and we will screw the countertop on. On Wednesday the dishwasher and fridge will come–the fridge came Friday but was dented so we have to try again. We built that box to slot the fridge into because slide-in fridges now come with stainless steel fronts but the regular shiny black pebbly fridge material on the sides. We wanted everything to be paler than that, so we bought these sheets from Ikea and built the case.

This weekend we’ve eaten falafel, sandwiches, bbq takeout, and pizza. I can’t wait to have a sink again–if this works, it will be one week from demo to completion!!!

5 thoughts on “Renovation weekend”

  1. This is wonderful! What a transformation. The yellow paint looks really pretty and warm with the farmhouse sink and the butcher block counter. And I envy you your appliance lift.

  2. hat’s off to you guys! Your kitchen is going to look awesome – I’m totally jealous of your sink!!! And I can’t believe you guys put all that Ikea stuff together! I know, it’s supposed to be easy, but our last two or three experiences have been a total nightmare, with pieces not fitting and them changing the instructions but including old illustrations, sigh…

  3. I feel the need to post a comment at this point, for you see, I TOO am a Kate F., I too cook and write about what I cook (though not professionally, I write about other things for that), I also enjoy cooking with my mom, and we just finished our own kitchen remodel.

    How odd and interesting.

  4. -Mom–the appliance lift was a pain to install but I think it will be great! You could almost fit one in the cabinet to the left of the stove, but then you’d give up your half-sheet storage…

    -Alex–Ikea can be really frustrating, I know, but I’ve found that if you’re really deliberate and don’t try to hurry you save time in the long run. Of course, unclear directions forced Ben to take a completely unnecessary trip all the way to Ikea this weekend, so…

    -Wow, Kate F. #2–how weird! Do you blog?

  5. I do in a couple of places–the one about food is a conversation between my mom and I about our respective CSA, about our experiences in our first season with the CSA, what we cook with our shares, why we are in a CSA, etc. etc. Right now it’s a private blog because I think my mom wants to try to take it and turn it into a larger project (pitch it for publication or something?)–also because it’s between the two of us, we’re a bit more open than we’d be on a public blog.

    I also have a non-google-able family blog and a work blog.

    Kate F.#2 (I love it)

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