Opinions, please

A quick poll. We need fireplace tools, stat, and I’m torn between two sets:

Choice 1

Choice 2

Downside to #2, which I prefer, is that the tip of the poker screws on instead of being one piece, as far as I can tell. Ben has expressed a strong preference for 1-piece tools so the poker tip doesn’t fall off into the fire. Heh. But does the practicality of #1 outweigh the prettiness of #2?

EDITED: Ok, that seemed like a pretty strong consensus. #1 is on its way; I’ll post pictures when it arrives. Thanks, guys!

5 thoughts on “Opinions, please”

  1. yeah, i prefer choice 1, too. you could get choice two and have to spend time cleaning your fireplace tools to make them silver again, or get black tools and be done with it.

  2. Choice 2 looks contemporary. Choice one looks more arts and crafts, and more in keeping with the rest of your stuff?

  3. I agree with tom inre: the silver being a pain to clean. Those just don’t look so perty once they’re all sooty.

    I also like the rustic cast-iron feel of #1, personally.

  4. Humans have been poking fires with wrought-iron tools for several millenia, so I’ll cast my late ballot for choice #1 also. 🙂

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