Late summer pizza

While I was in Oregon my mom and I went out for a great dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Eugene, Marché. We shared a bunch of appetizers, including one of the fantastic wood-oven pizzas, topped with tomatoes, corn and bacon. The sweet corn, tangy/sweet tomatoes and smoky bacon (and crust) were perfect together, so when I got back I decided to recreate it, using dough that I bought from Whole Foods so that it could be super-fast comfort food.

I had Sungolds that I’d brought back from Oregon, and I cut a nice fat heirloom tomato into very thin slices. I microwaved an ear of corn for a minute or two to cook it partway, then cut the kernels off the cob.


I hadn’t gotten very clear directions about the dough–the guy had said to let it rise, but it didn’t seem to want to, despite the room being quite warm. It was very bouncy, resilient dough. I did eventually force it (mangled) into a relatively flat oval. I topped it with fontina and the toppings, including chopped pancetta that I had already cooked until it was nice and crispy.



One nice thing about our old, old stove is that the gas oven goes to 600. I cooked the pizza fast, and then we enjoyed it with salad. The sungolds were especially nice, since they were little pockets of sweet-tart juice, basically. And I loved the corn, which just tastes like summer, doesn’t it? The pancetta is crucial–you need the savory flavor to balance the sweet tomatoes and corn. Next time maybe I’d use some sharper cheese?



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  1. Try grating a little Parmesan or Asiago over the pizza after it comes out of the oven. That will provide some bite and depth of flavor.

  2. Oh this sounds sooooo good – the Italian Deli near our house has the best pizza dough, so I could make this in minutes. I’m always looking for easy deliciousness!
    Hey, Kate – jan’s birthday was Friday and he wanted a Belgian Beer Fest, so I was feverishly looking for salty snacks that would go with the hearty brews. The best one I came up with was this one – try it next time you need an appetizer in a snap! Everyone west berzerk over it. Even the ones who don’t like the main ingredient, which is (gasp!) – sardines!

    2 tins of good quality boneless, skinless sardines in olive oil
    approx 4 ounces parmesano reggiano, in chunky slices
    1 lg shallot
    salt (Maldon) and pepper (coarse) to taste
    the yummiest olive oil you have

    Drain the sardines of their oil – the oil you dress the mix with will be better. Put the little fish in a serving bowl and flake them with a fork.
    Add the parmesan
    Do a coarse chop on the shallot and add it to the mix
    moisten the whole thing with the olive oil – it shouldn’t be oily, – but go to town, if you like.
    Season to taste!
    Serve with lightly toasted baguette – YUM!!!

    I think you would have approved…

  3. This seems like a pizza recipe where corn might actually work… For some reason, pizzas here in Thailand often come with corn on them, usually in strange combinations with other things. Why, for example, would I want corn, pineapple, and Canadian bacon? -X

  4. Germi- YUM!!! My mom would really love that, I need to point her towards this!

    Xander- I think the real problem there is the pineapple and canadian bacon! 😉

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