A lull…of sorts

Oh dear. We’re in the midst of “Disorientation” and preparations for graduation this weekend, and we’ve been out of townyet again–this time to Nantucket for a beyond fun trip with 130 Tuckies/partners. I haven’t been around enough to cook, but here’s a fun little recipe from Greta, who made these ridiculously delicious sausage balls at the Lake last weekend. I singlehandedly ate about 20.

Sausage Balls, from Greta.

Combine 3 cups of Bisquick, 2 cups shredded cheese, and 1 pound of breakfast sausage. Mix this rather sticky trio until it’s well combined, using your hands–this will take a bit of time. Form into smallish balls and bake at 375 until done.

Greta may pretend to eat it raw but I don’t advise it!


Here are two lonely cooked ones the next day; I forgot to take a photo while they were hot because I was busy shoveling them down.


That’s not very specific but it’s awfully tasty.

Mom and Dad arrive on Thursday–there should be some cooking over the weekend!

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