Steak salad for summer

This is just about the simplest dinner possible. About 8 months ago Bridget told me about a salad that she loves at her favorite neighborhood restaurant, a sliced skirt steak served over greens, with shaved parmesan or romano and cracked pepper on top. I finally picked up a hangar steak (as close as I can get to skirt steak in the Upper Valley, for some reason) and made a similar salad for dinner with Tom and his girlfriend last night. Mom kicked in her favorite marinade:

For 3 pounds of steak (I halved it):
1/4 c mustard (dijon)
2 shallots, diced
2 T rosemary, chopped fine
2 T soy sauce (this is the secret ingredient)
1 t pepper
3/4 c olive oil

This makes a rather murky mixture (I’ll spare you the photo), but bang those steaks in and refrigerate for a while–I only gave them a couple hours but I think all day would have been even better. We grilled the steaks, and due to a bit of poorly managed expectations (I said “they’re really thin!” even though they weren’t that thin), they came off the grill quite underdone. Bleeding, actually. Another few minutes helped, but they still could have been a little more medium rare instead of Uber-rare. Still, the marinade is very, very tasty and the steaks tasted great. I sliced them and laid the slices over a salad of half baby arugula, half mesclun, dressed in my usual dijon/sherry vinaigrette, with a couple slices of tomato on the plate for good measure. Shaved the parm over the top, added slices of baguette, and we were good to go.


3 thoughts on “Steak salad for summer”

  1. Looks good! The boy really enjoys it at the restaurant because it’s 90/10 meat/salad. Forreal.

  2. I have a hard time finding skirt steak in our town too. I do a version of this called the black and blue salad. It’s black angus steak with crumbled blue cheese with a few onion stacks on top. Yum!

  3. YUM!!! I adore making Skirt Steak Salad – Skirt Steak anything, really… On a Sunday before a very busy week, I’ll marinate and either grill or pan-sear a whole mess of it (I’m from Texas, and that phrase means “alot” rather than “a bad batch”), and then whip up 5 minute dinners when I’m in a pinch.
    My salad is almost exactly like yours, but I like to add a little farro, for that starchy ‘chew’.
    I have some marinating in the fridge now!

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