Quick chicken Saltimbocca

Another Bon Appetit recipe—this was an easy Chicken Saltimbocca recipe, served with a lemon pan sauce. I was slightly more successful pounding out the chicken breasts this time, though still not quite aggressive enough. Once the chicken was pounded thin, I pressed on sage leaves and covered them with a couple slices of prosciutto, then dredged the whole package in flour. The breasts cooked pretty quickly (though not as fast as if I’d gotten them thinner), and I’ve got a system down for keeping the house from getting too smoky when I pan-fry things. I close the door to the kitchen, then open the window we’ve left without a storm window and crack the back door. It wouldn’t work this week, when it’s literally 5 degrees out, but on a more temperate night the heat of the stove (esp. if the oven is on) keeps the room from getting TOO freezing.

saltim-sage.jpg saltim-prosciutto.jpg
saltim-flour.jpg saltim-pan.jpg

Then I made the pan sauce. That was a total disaster–the pan was too hot, the whole thing thickened up way too much, etc. It tasted good (nice and tangy to cut the rich prosciutto) but looked gross, so no picture!

We ate it with the carrot orzo from the same article, which was ok but not great. A bit bland, and orzo is always so slippery!


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