Molasses cookies: Help!

Well, I made molasses cookies yesterday afternoon, and they’re very tasty but not what I want. This recipe turned out to be for the cakey sort of cookie, instead of the flat, chewy kind. Maybe it’s spice cookies I’m thinking of? Molasses-spice? I don’t know what they are called, but my mom used to make chewy cookies, quite spicy and definitely made with molasses, rolled in sugar, that flattened out a lot while they baked and cracked open so there were sugared parts and un-sugared peeks of the inside, which was very dark brown. Mom, do you still have that recipe?

The mixer was great—I scraped the sides down once, and my only problem came from not having softened the butter quite enough, so it took a while to make it stop being little lumps. One of the big advantages to the Pro is that the bowl is wider and shallower than the Artisan’s, so it’s easier to scrape the bowl down and add ingredients.

molas-ingred.jpg molas-dough.jpg molas-balls.jpg

The cookies puffed up into little mounds in the oven, and then settled down a bit, but they didn’t spread like the ones I’m thinking of:

molas-oven.jpg molas-cookies.jpg

They’re tasty, and I undercooked them a little so they’re nice and moist, and they have a good buttery flavor, but I want the other kind of recipe. Does anyone have one? I also want a good gingerbread recipe—I love not-too-sweet dark gingerbread cake. Mmmm, gingerbread.

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  1. I have a great recipe for Harvest Cookies that contain ginger and molasses and are dark brown. Drop me your email if you want it. Yum, I think I should bake some this weekend…

  2. Kate,
    Molasses Crinkles from the Betty Crocker cookie book. I’d be happy to send the recipe.

  3. Henna- I can’t find your email address–I added mine to the sidebar if you don’t mind sending that recipe!

    Kim- SO good to hear from you! Wow. I am pretty sure one of my friends up here has the BC book, so I’ll look that up. Thanks for the tip!

  4. There is a fantastic recipe for gingerbread on Whole Food’s website. I’ve made it several times, but I end up taking it out of the oven much sooner than the recipe states. It’s dark and gingery and delicious. I add some crystalized ginger to it, too.

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