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Foiled by Technology

Weird. I typed an entry, already titled the same, hit Publish, and it vanished. Several minutes before I tried to comment on a friend’s blog, hit publish, my comment vanished, I tried again, same thing. Either I should shut up because the universe wants me quiet, or there will be lots of duplicate posts appearing sometime soon. [Actually, I’m now trying to post this the next morning, because I couldn’t for the life of me get anything post last night.]

ANYWAY, I have lots of things I want to post–my birthday cake, baked by Brookie, for one. But I can’t get the 1-bar wireless in the corporate apartment to let me upload photos. Soon.

Also, STAY TUNED. I am taking an impromptu trip to a secret location, to be disclosed soon. There will be much, much making and consuming of delicious food, and the digital macro on my new camera will be put to the test!!
Aren’t you excited?

Home sweet home

Well. We found an apartment this weekend; we have a signed, accepted offer, and if all goes according to plan (inspection pending, etc.) we will close in mid-June and move to Cambridge, MA that month. The apartment is enormous and in nearly mint condition; it’s an an apartment building from 1901 and the current owner updated the bathroom but has otherwise left it completely alone. The kitchen is the original: Ancient sink and stove, not one counter or cabinet, but you don’t really need cabinets because….drumroll….There is a PANTRY as well as a BUTLER’S PANTRY with glass cabinets and loads of storage:
butler1 butler2

We will have to do the kitchen, but I’m excited to get to do it my way, instead of buying a place that a developer has slapped a new kitchen into as quickly as possible. Many, many more photos will follow, I’m sure.


I’ve been “hip” to the modern ways of “bloggers” for many years now, and have in fact kept an electronic journal for a while, but as I prepare to get married, quit my job, and move to the Great White North it seems like maybe I should keep a bit of public record of goings-on. We’ll see… I’ve added content to my google pages site as well, and I’m thinking I can use the two together—blog everyday happenings, and then link to pages of photos, etc. if there’s ever anything worth photographing.