Home sweet home

Well. We found an apartment this weekend; we have a signed, accepted offer, and if all goes according to plan (inspection pending, etc.) we will close in mid-June and move to Cambridge, MA that month. The apartment is enormous and in nearly mint condition; it’s an an apartment building from 1901 and the current owner updated the bathroom but has otherwise left it completely alone. The kitchen is the original: Ancient sink and stove, not one counter or cabinet, but you don’t really need cabinets because….drumroll….There is a PANTRY as well as a BUTLER’S PANTRY with glass cabinets and loads of storage:
butler1 butler2

We will have to do the kitchen, but I’m excited to get to do it my way, instead of buying a place that a developer has slapped a new kitchen into as quickly as possible. Many, many more photos will follow, I’m sure.

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