Ornamental Grasses for Germi

Non-food related: Germi wrote about ornamental grasses the other day, and I thought I’d post these pics from back in November (I think I put one up then, too) of the dried ornamental grass at the house on LI. I loved the sunset glowing through the feathery grass. Germi, do you know what type of grass this is?



3 thoughts on “Ornamental Grasses for Germi”

  1. Katef! How beautiful! I am totally honored by the shout-out.
    These grasses are some kind of Miscanthus – probably Miscanthus sinensis – and they are truly breathtaking in this photo. You are a wiz with the camera! My husband always says food is the hardest thing to photograph and make look appetizing, and you certainly do that!
    Now you’ve made one of my favorite grasses look good enough to eat…

  2. It’s bad grass… it’s called phragmites and it’s an invasive plant with no redeeming value. can’t be used for food for marsh dwellers… clogs up the marshes and is like the kudzu of the water.

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