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Floral Bonanza

So… I was working at a conference in Boston earlier this week, and we ordered a couple huge bouquets to decorate the room. I brought both vases and one of the arrangements home with me, and Wednesday I deconstructed the enormous bouquet into smaller, more usable bunches. (We lack a grand entryway with a library table or something similar that could carry off a 2.5 foot bouquet.)

Here’s the arrangement:


The preparations:


The results (the Klassy 6-packs in the corner are party leftovers that don’t fit in the fridge!):


And my kind of tabletop flowers, after:


The entire house is full of flowers now, especially since I still had a bunch of spider mums and yellow aster from the dinner parties last week. Everything smells like peonies!


We’re headed off for the long weekend, and I’m so sad to leave all these gorgeous flowers behind! Maybe I should bundle them up and bring them with me, but that seems a bit extreme.

Eating al fresco

I have loved eating out on the porch this spring, on the few nights that it’s been warm enough. Somehow everything slows down when you eat outside–you drink a little bit more, but more slowly; dinner lingers on and the conversation flows. Our new apartment has a porch off of the kitchen, running along the side of the building. It’s covered but not screened, and is very long but narrow (19’x5′).

porch 1

porch 2

(That second one is through a screen door–why? Why didn’t I step outside to….never mind. Sigh.)

The narrow width means I have been scouring every website I could think of for long but narrow dining tables, and was thinking I might have to resort to a series of little 2 person café tables all lined up. But today I went to the Ikea site and up popped this:
The Bollö table, which seats 4 and is a folding table 44 inches long and 25 inches deep. Hurray! Two of these come in at $100, and we could fold them up and cover them in the winter. Now on to more exciting things, like getting little lanterns and planning a container garden!