Floral Bonanza

So… I was working at a conference in Boston earlier this week, and we ordered a couple huge bouquets to decorate the room. I brought both vases and one of the arrangements home with me, and Wednesday I deconstructed the enormous bouquet into smaller, more usable bunches. (We lack a grand entryway with a library table or something similar that could carry off a 2.5 foot bouquet.)

Here’s the arrangement:


The preparations:


The results (the Klassy 6-packs in the corner are party leftovers that don’t fit in the fridge!):


And my kind of tabletop flowers, after:


The entire house is full of flowers now, especially since I still had a bunch of spider mums and yellow aster from the dinner parties last week. Everything smells like peonies!


We’re headed off for the long weekend, and I’m so sad to leave all these gorgeous flowers behind! Maybe I should bundle them up and bring them with me, but that seems a bit extreme.

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