CSA Weeks 16-20: The wind-down

Oh, hello. I have a blog? Hmm.

We’ve come to the end of the regular CSA season, though I’m signed on for a winter share again and will get vegetables every other week until Christmas.

Week 16, 9/21:
CSA Week 16

Week 17, 9/28:
CSA Week 17

Week 18, 10/5:
CSA Week 18

Week 19, 10/12:
CSA Week 19

Week 20, 10/19 (Note the Freak Beet that is the same size as a squash. It was in the swap box. I traded cilantro for it!)
CSA Week 20

In the first October share I got gorgeous leeks–two bunches, because there was one in the swap box (??!!?). Who doesn’t like leeks? I had a few minutes to deal with them and I decided to cook off all of them at once, because I thought I remember my mom saying I could freeze them once they were cooked.


I use a Jamie Oliver tip for cleaning leeks: Slit them almost to the root and then rinse away from the root so the silt falls out the top.



Once they were cut up I really had a huge pile of them. Riches!


Into the pan with butter and a bit of oil. Low heat. Long slow cooking. (…hee.)



Once the leeks were cooked I used them in a frittata with some leftover pasta:


Parmesan in with the eggs:





The key with a frittata is to keep pulling the edges back and letting the raw egg run under the cooked part. And then eventually you use a plate and flip it over to finish.





The leftovers made good sandwiches for the flight out to CA that weekend. And coming soon, re. that trip: I finally got to eat a sunday supper at Lucques! And I took photos. And met Suzanne Goin. But I didn’t take a photo with Suzanne Goin, because I do have a LITTLE pride.

3 thoughts on “CSA Weeks 16-20: The wind-down”

  1. I always finish my frittata in the oven because I am too lazy to keep an eye on it. I love making them because I can use all the leftovers. I never have any leeks, but now I want some. Mmmmm…. leeeeeeeeks…..

  2. That looks delicious! I’ve never cooked with leeks before, but there’s a Julia Child soup recipe for potato and leek soup that I’ve been wanting to try, maybe I’ll give it a shot now that you made it look easy;)

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