Quick check-in

Hey there. No, I didn’t have a baby (yet). I just haven’t posted–I’m running around like a crazy person trying to get things done done done before he arrives.

Also my camera has randomly started acting up. I bought it in April before our trip; suddenly it is really overexposing photos and washing out the colors no matter what I do to the settings. Anyone have a Canon S90 point and shoot and know what I’m talking about/have suggestions? It’s really annoying, especially since the summer produce has such amazing colors but while they show perfectly on the screen, as soon as I push halfway down to focus, they white out. Argh!

Example: This perfectly delicious watermelon from the farm:

Delicious local watermelon

I played with this shot a bit in iPhoto, without terrific success:

Delicious local watermelon

The color wasn’t deep red, but it was a lot deeper than it appears in the photos. It was also perhaps the best watermelon I’ve ever eaten. It was a mini variety, incredibly juicy and, as Ben described it, perfumey. Even most of the rind was juicy and sweet! I ate all but one piece. Sorry, Honey.

2 thoughts on “Quick check-in”

  1. are you expecting then? i’m 24 weeks pregnant with a girl ( our fourth baby ) and
    love to hear about the births of babes right now 🙂 hope all goes

  2. Did you change any settings? I would check your settings for White Balance and Exposure and make sure they weren’t someone changed.

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