Purple produce and uneven sprouts

I could have sworn I wrote this up, but apparently not. Back at the beginning of the winter share distribution I got a truck load of extra-awesome vegetables, including purple potatoes and cauliflower and a stalk of brussels sprouts. I combined all three in a dinner designed purely for my own amusement, because seriously?

Fun veg

How fun are those?

I took some beauty shots before getting down to the cooking:




As cool as the stalk of sprouts is, it does leave you with a slight problem:


Yes, that is the top (huge) sprout next to the one from the bottom of the stalk. Since the sizes were so wildly uneven, I decided to make Greta’s shaved oven-roasted sprouts. The cuisinart makes this WAY easier; use the blade that looks like this and attaches to that stalk thing to keep it at the top of the bowl:


12 seconds later this:


Became this:


I cut the cauliflower into florets to roast (at 400 or 425) alongside the shaved brussels sprouts, and tossed each with oil, salt and pepper.


Meanwhile I boiled the potatoes and tossed them (while hot) with a butter/vinegar/mustard dressing.


A few slices of grilled steak for protein and voila!



The leftovers were excellent for lunch the next day, and in daylight the colors were even crazier:


[FYI, purple potatoes and cauliflower taste essentially the same as normal potatoes and cauliflower, but they look purple. So: Worth it.]

I’m scrambling to pack for a lengthy round of holiday visits. Looking forward to NYC and to the usual cooking orgy back home in Oregon. I hope everyone has a lovely holiday season!

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