FYI, in case you planned to buy me a new dining room

This photo from Eddie Ross‘s house tour in Lonny Magazine is everything I love in one place.

photo: Patrick Cline for Lonny. Click here to see the bigger version Eddie posted.

My house is too formal!

(PS: Lonny, the photos are stunning, the content is great, and I can’t get through the magazine on my computer because the interface is so frustrating! Please offer a PDF or something.)

2 thoughts on “FYI, in case you planned to buy me a new dining room”

  1. I love your dining room as is! I actually came back to your blog today to find your AT tour. The tall bookshelves are amazing. And the books and piano mean people have a reason to stop in the room outside of meals. If you added a tablecloth that might soften things up, but otherwise I would not change a thing!

  2. Annelise, it’s funny that you say that–we had a flowered tablecloth on this summer (though we rarely use the dining room in the summer because we eat on the deck!) and it helped a lot. I want a rough linen cloth I think. And you’re right, we spend a ton of time in the dining room. Ben plays piano while I cook, and his desk is also in there, and then we eat dinner there every night in non-porch season!

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