Post-flight food

I know I’m not alone in craving vegetables or salad when I get back from a trip. Sunday night, when we returned home from my dear friend Rayne’s wedding in Aruba, we really needed vegetables. I scoured the fridge, found a fading bunch of arugula, and then we went to grab a few more elements for an easy meal.

I ended up with:
1 pint grape tomatoes
8 bocconcini (mozzarella balls)
The arugula from the fridge

I cut up the tomatoes and smushed them with my hands in a dressing of olive oil, salt, pepper and a splash each of red wine and cider vinegar (I’m out of sherry vinegar, which I prefer). Then I chopped the arugula finely and mixed that in, and let it sit for 20 minutes.

I oiled the bread and browned it in the toaster oven, then mashed the vegetables onto it, and topped with the mozzarella and a twist of prosciutto on each piece.

This isn’t really cooking—too simple. But it was one of the most enjoyable things I’ve eaten in a while. The vinegar gave a nice tang to complement the tomatoes and the peppery arugula, the cheese was creamy, and the prosciutto added salt and savory. Next time I’ll use regular tomatoes and chop them up smaller, to make it easier to eat.

Best of all there was just enough left over for me to eat for lunch on Monday!

As for the trip, here I am with the groom, quite overheated, at the reception:

We met in a high school journalism class 13 years ago–unbelievable!

And earlier with Ben:

The backdrop to the ceremony:

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  1. And the sad thing is, you had probably finished this lovely dinner and cleaned up by the time we got home 🙁 Stupid NYC bridges! Had similar type fare that night – cheese, olives, hummus, snap peas, I was dying by the time we got home!!

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