CSA week 2: Savory (if unseasonable) risotto with chard

Oh, what a couple of weeks it has been. I will try to post several times in quick succession to get caught up… Meanwhile, let us travel back in time to mid-June, when the second CSA pickup of the season graced us with:


-1 bunch rainbow chard
-Garlic scapes
-Weekly eggs

It’s been funny to watch the internet suddenly take on scapes and kohlrabi over the last month, with the explosion of CSAs exposing so many more people to them!

Since we have had a month of cool rainy weather, I’ve been treating most of these spring vegetables to wintery applications. The chard was no exception; I had some cooked sausage ready to go, so I made a nice easy risotto (my former-go-to meal, and one that I had sort of forgotten about this winter).

I found it incredibly soothing to stand over the stove, stirring the dry vermouth (which I sub in for white wine) into the onion and arborio; adding the broth and eventually the chard and feeling the warmth of the steam.

And what is better than sitting down to something that simple and warm and savory? I’d probably choose risotto over brownies most days.

But then, I’m a person who chooses garlicky kale over chocolate chip cookies, so maybe I’m not to be trusted.

BTW, I’m struggling with photo hosting problems and thinking it’s finally time to fork over for a Flickr Pro account. I’ve maxed out Picasa and I don’t like how it sizes my photos, anyway. I’ll post what I have already uploaded but then I have to figure out a solution.
EDITED: Guess what I got as an early b-day present? Flickr Pro it is! Thanks, M&D!!

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