Welcome to my new home!

Thanks for stopping by! I’m afraid things will be a little messy for a while, as I complete the transition from wordpress.com, but so far, so good.

As you can see, the blog, along with my other ventures, is now at http://kateflaim.com/. If you visit the blog archives from before 2009 there are still a ton of oversized photos, which I will gradually fix.

If you use a feedreader, please update the RSS feed: http://kateflaim.com/feed/atom/

And thanks for your patience!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to my new home!”

  1. Dear Ms. KFGR: The site is looking good! Congrats on getting the domain and bringing your many talents and interests under one virtual roof. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Your updated website looks fabulous! Glad to see youโ€™re back and blogging. I wanted to introduce myself and tell you how much of a fan I am of yours. Iโ€™ve read through your entire blog (it took some time!) and it inspired me to join a CSA in my area. Thank you for that. Iโ€™m excited to hear and see your new ventures Sincerely, Jestina

  3. JJ- I’ll have to have Ben guest post some day, perhaps on the subject of delicious frozen beverages?

    Dad- Thanks!!

    Jestina- Thank you so much! I’m touched that you’ve enjoyed the blog, and *delighted* that you joined a CSA. I hope you get as much of a kick out of all those wild, wonderful vegetables as we have! Please come back soon!

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