Heavenly Bellinis

I am still sorting and uploading Italy photos, but on the off chance that anyone is going to be in Venice in the next 24 hours I thought I’d better post a quick and urgent message: Go to the Gritti Palace Hotel, sit on the veranda outside, overlooking the Grand Canal, and feel smug and superior as you sip an outrageously expensive and yet worth it bellini.


This bellini is made with what they call peach juice (obviously), but what I believe to be actual peaches, thrown in a blender with prosecco. They could almost be eaten with a spoon. They were ridiculous.

If you want to justify it, watch all the people roasting in gondolas a few feet away from your cool, well-shaded table, and think to yourself, “For the cost of a gondola ride, I will be able to drink many, many of these heavenly bellinis.” And take further comfort in the fact that for a mere Euro you can take a gondola across the Canal after your bellini, on the traghetto that ferries people from side to side in areas where the bridges aren’t close by. There is a traghetto stop outside the Gritti’s door–very handy.

PS: They also bring you snacks.

PPS: We loved our bellinis so much we immediately had to go try the ones at Harry’s Bar, where they were famously invented. No contest. Those were normal bellinis, not glasses of heaven.

PPPS: Ben had never had a bellini. He asked if he was allowed to order them in bars from now on, and I said no. Besides, he’d only be disappointed, as the Harry’s Bar experience soon showed.

3 thoughts on “Heavenly Bellinis”

  1. He and M0h can be girly-drink-drunks together! Most of M0h’s friends make fun of the constant array of pastel colored cocktails he orders. No shame (or loss of manliness) in enjoying a sweet drink.

  2. OMG Harry’s Bar – you’ll need to take out a loan to have dinner upstairs. $100 for a plate of cheesy pasta and a bottle of water, I kid you not. And SO not worth it.

  3. Thanks, Kate! My dear friend Pae is there right now, putting up her work in her very own pavillion at the Venice Biennale, and she will be so happy to take a break and have a glass of heaven!

    This is some very timely advice for a girl who really needs a few sips of blissful relaxation!


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