Things I’ve been doing instead of blogging

-Painting pictures for the newest baby of our acquaintance (welcome to the world, Charles Morrison Herbert!)

-Making a new friend
-Finishing up every scrap of freelance work I had
-Pounding the pavement for more work
-Feeling proud of my friend Jia Lynn’s cover story WITH BYLINE ON THE COVER
-Going for an accidentally really long bike ride

-Staring at another rainy day
-Reading 8 trillion library books
-Gearing up for lap swimming lessons/possibly getting hurt getting into my new swimsuit
-Listening to Berlitz Italian cds
-Not planning our spontaneous trip to Italy in May
-Avoiding cleaning my office
-Obsessively checking the trees outside for leaves
-Dreaming of chucking it all and moving to France

I definitely feel like life is on hold right now. I need a burst of energy and inspiration! Maybe I’ll start with the much-needed office organization. I do have loads of photos uploaded, dating back to late February, I just can’t seem to bother writing about anything! Merp.

Wishing french tulips were all over the house:

6 thoughts on “Things I’ve been doing instead of blogging”

  1. merp indeed. cannot guarantee energy and inspiration, but i’ll be there in 8 days and we will at least cook something worth blogging about!

  2. Can I start using merp?
    I’ve been wanting to, but I feel I need your permission – you use it with such panache.
    I’m not sure I can pull it off.
    Italy in May – sigh! How lovely!

  3. “Going for an accidentally really long bike ride” sounds OH so familiar!! Let me guess…Ben was involved! hahahahaha.
    Miss you guys

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