CSA: Winter share 1 and Ben’s killer meatballs

I decided to prolong the CSA season with a winter share: four heavy payouts every other week in November and December. Here is the first installment, which nearly killed me as I biked it home in a backpack:

-Winter melon (it developed a sketchy spot and died a sad death within a couple days, sigh.)
-Salad greens
-Mystery squash
Several pounds each of:
-Sweet potatoes

But the real news that week was the batch of leftovers I spent most meals consuming. Over the weekend Ben got a bee in his bonnet about meatballs, and decided to make a batch. He claims they were not an unalloyed success, but I beg to differ. Despite a bit of crunch to the onions, I think they were damn good, and besides, who argues with someone else cooking them dinner!? After a brief chopping lesson I was not allowed in the kitchen while he cooked, but here’s the triumphal plate in extreme close-up:

He used this recipe from Everyday Food, and the only adjustments we’d make next time would be to up the amount of sauce and to chop the onions finer. Oh, and after a tragic ground-turkey incident a few weeks before (how do you make a virtual sign to ward off the evil eye?), Ben subbed in ground beef for the ground turkey. I do not vouch for the turkey version, be healthy at your own risk.

4 thoughts on “CSA: Winter share 1 and Ben’s killer meatballs”

  1. Ugh. I had seen a lot of recipes insisting you could put ground turkey in anywhere beef or pork went, with decent results. I decided to make a baked penne, so I did the usual ricotta-egg mixture and layered cooked pasta, the ricotta, sauce with cooked ground turkey, and shredded cheese. It looked great and tasted like socks. Or something. And of course it was an enormous 9×13 pyrex-full. Took ages to finish and I hated every bite. So depressing.

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