Next time, shred it.

A couple weeks ago I got lovely multi-colored carrots in the CSA share, and since I’d seen Jamie Oliver’s “Carrots & Beets” Jamie at Home episode a few days before, I was inspired to make carrot ribbons for a salad.

I just peeled the carrots, then kept using the peeler to make strips of carrot:

Made a tangy dressing to counteract the sweet carrots, and voila. It was tasty, but I think shredding the carrots would have made them juicier, as well as easier to eat. I’ll try again soon! They sure looked pretty, though…

By the way, that’s a stuffed pepper (made using some CSA peppers and onions) that I took a major short cut to make. Mom, avert your eyes. Trader Joe’s sells, ahem, vacuum-packed precooked rice. I only found wild, brown or flavored varieties, so I used brown. One package was exactly as much as I needed for the recipe. You can’t tell the difference between white and brown in this, since there’s so much else going on, and I loved the convenience. (Last time I used cooked white rice from the Whole Foods hot bar–this was way cheaper.)

2 thoughts on “Next time, shred it.”

  1. Kate, I just saw that episode of Jamie’s show and wanted to make it myself– especially the crispy lamb that went along side it. And I love all of the different roasting combos he did in one pan. What did you think of the that sauce he made at the end with lemon juice and cottage cheese?

    Can you tell I am a fan of his??

  2. Juree, I am distinctly cautious about that final dressing. I’d ALMOST give it a try, but I feel like it would have texture….issues? Don’t you?

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