3 thoughts on “Help!”

  1. It’s actually not being cropped. The images you’re posting are wider than your main content column (which is 455px) and the right-hand portion of the image is being hidden “behind” the sidebar. The fact that they look square is a coincidence regarding the height of the images and the amount of width that ends up being visible in the content column.

    Possible fixes:

    1) Change your layout. If you have the ability to tweak the CSS you can probably widen this, or pick a new one from wordpress.com (I’m not sure how much control they give you)
    2) Post smaller images :\

    hope that helps!

  2. Wait, but why suddenly? I am posting from the same picasa account to the same layout and the ones from last week are fine! Does this mean Picasa changed something, maybe? Or I need to scale them down in Picasa?

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