Two for the road

Ben and I got married two years ago today, on a cool, overcast day on the North Shore of Long Island. It was perfect. Please indulge me as I share a few favorite pictures from the day:


car kiss

close up



Next month it will be nine years since we got together (we just passed nine years since we met; we worked fast!), and I hope we get 90 more.*

(Photos by Brett Chang)

*I know, I know, that would make us really grossly old. I’ll settle for 75.

13 thoughts on “Two for the road”

  1. Ben’s parents are on the right, my mom is right above Ben’s head–they had all switched around and my dad’s chair is empty.

  2. I’m all weepy now!
    You to are the cutest couple, and YOU look amazingly happy and beautiful!
    I’ll bet the food was yummy, and the atmosphere looks just right – you know how I’m feeling about Long Island these days!
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful memories with us… (sob, snort…)

  3. Thanks, guys!

    Mrs. Limestone, it was at a 1910 mansion that is now owned by the New York Institute of Technology, which calls it the De Seversky Center. We fell in love with that ballroom and the lovely grounds, despite mediocre staffing and, I’m sorry to say, only-ok food (they don’t let you taste it before booking, which normally would have made me run away, but that PANELING…).

  4. AOC Thursday had to change to AOC Sunday because the man of my dreams got sick. I tried not to be petulant!

    Of course, I will give you a blow by blow of all the goodies!


  5. How utterly romantic and full of bliss! You both make such a striking couple. Your dress is lovely.
    My parents just celebrated 60 years and are a rather remarkably hard act to follow. My husband and I are swiftly approaching 21 years this coming friday. I do plan to post out photos.
    It does feel like yesterday.

  6. Aw, thank you to all of you! Ms. PVE, please do post pictures, I love love love weddings. Congrats on the amazing milestone!

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