The workers’ reward

Hard work deserves a delicious lunch. In contrast to past periods of serious work around the house, when random leftovers were all that was on offer at lunchtime, I had actually laid in provisions this time:

Mmmm, bacon, tomato and avocado sandwiches.

I mashed up the avocado because I hate when the slices come shooting out the other side every time you take a bite. This worked somewhat better but it was still messy–mashed avocado definitely works best as a solo-open-faced sandwich component.

Just what a pair of hungry shelf-hangers needed!

Also, for the record, Ben was really proud of how much fruit he managed to squeeze in with his cheerios on Sunday morning. Banana, blueberries AND a peach. It took some seriously careful negotiation to get started eating without a catastrophe:

I stuck to my peach sliced up and broiled a bit on some buttered toast:

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