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A quick survey: I have painted a large magnetic-paint board in my office, and am trying to decide whether to paint it over with black chalkboard paint, which would leave it looking roughly as it does now, but w/out messy painters tape, or with paint slightly different from the current shade of the office wall, probably a touch darker. Any opinions?

(Excuse yet another crap photo…)

We spent all day yesterday working around the house–more to come soon! Meanwhile, for Germi, who asked after my little basil plant, last seen after being replanted a couple weeks ago:

It’s thriving–my mom also said to stop watering too much, and it seems very happy….so far!

2 thoughts on “Quick question”

  1. I would get some trim and paint it black to frame out the chalkboard. you can get that at any home improvement store. It will then add a finishing touch to your wall.

  2. That is one good-looking basil plant! Good work!

    Don’t be afraid to use it – that’s the best thing you can do for your herbs. Some people are so afraid of cutting that they let their herbs languish, instead of cooking with them.

    But I know that won’t happen to you – you were born to cook!

    You know what I’d do? This might be crazy – I’d paint the entire wall with chalkboard paint, and keep the square of magnetic paint in the middle – like having your cake and eating it, too.

    By the way, Martha has a formula to make any paint color into chalkboard paint – I remember Brooke Williams used it when she was redoing her Sag Harbor house on her Domino blog… just in case you wanted to use the darker blue color you had in mind as a chalkboard.


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