CSA: Week three, still feeling green

The third week (two weeks ago, ahem) injected a trace of color in with the greens:

-1 head romaine lettuce
-1 bunch collard greens
-4 small cucumbers
-2 zucchini
-2 summer squash
-1 kohlrabi
-1 bunch thyme
-1 bunch scallions

Have you guys cooked collard greens? I’m a Northern girl; I’d never encountered them before. They are HUGE–check out the bunch filling the entire drainer:

I didn’t feel like boiling them in a classic “mess o’ greens,” nd I didn’t have a ham hock or anything on hand for flavoring, so I looked up how to sauté them instead. I washed and cut up the greens:

And then boiled them in salted water for 15 minutes or so.

I drained them and pressed the water out:

And then sautéed them with garlic and olive oil until they tasted good. (How specific!)

With a good amount of salt and pepper, they made a nice side dish with sausage and funny O-shaped pasta from Trader Joe’s:

I must say I prefer kale or chard, though.

2 thoughts on “CSA: Week three, still feeling green”

  1. The biggest difference between Boston grocery stores and DC grocery stores: we have enormous bags of collard greens all year around in our produce section. They’re the size of potato sacks. I have never been brave enough to purchase one, as I’m 100% sure Jen wouldn’t touch the stuff and I would then have to eat five pounds of collard greens all by myself.

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