Traveler returned!

Yay! My brother is safely back in the states after his two month Europe trip. I was so happy to hear his voice on the phone!

Here is my favorite of the photos he has posted so far from his trip–his beard is “bristling in indignation” at the Gehry building in Prague.

One thought on “Traveler returned!”

  1. oooh…. found your blog accidentally thru scrappy girl… while I WAS ON THE PHONE (multi tasking as usual… ’cause I am at “work”) looking for my daughter who JUST returned from an 11 month sojourn (think they call it school) in Europe.(Paris)… have not found her yet… hoping she arrived safely….. so as I check out the rest of your blog… am waiting anxiously to hear from the off-spring……
    anyhow… must be an omen!!!

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