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Hmm. I am feeling a little puzzled over what to do here. WordPress has released a new “feature” that adds a section to blog posts where they link to what they think might be related posts. The problem is that in addition to linking within my blog, it links to other WordPress blogs but doesn’t give me any choice in the matter. I am sure many of the links will be great, but I also don’t love the idea of having readers click away to some random site that may have a terrible recipe or be offensive or who knows what. I might just disable the feature completely, but it does seem to be sensible to link back to related posts I’ve written. What do you think? In the meantime, the bold links are within this blog, while the non-bold links go outside the blog.

Other WordPress users, are you keeping it turned on?

3 thoughts on “Possibly Related Posts”

  1. I turned it off on the Supper Club blog. People really only visit when I send them an email to tell them that this month’s theme is posted or they need to RSVP, and I don’t want them to think that I’m putting these links up and advising them to visit.

  2. I’ve never commented on your blog before but I love it and I love your pictures.
    I turned it off because my blog is “family-friendly” (not that yours isn’t) but I got some really inappropriate links that I didn’t want my readers clicking on or to get readers from the linked posts coming to my blog since it is mostly about my children. The first time I noticed it was actually funny because one of my posts about my son was linked to a post about dogs as if my son was a dog.
    I am hopeful that if they work out some of the glitches it might be a useful tool.

  3. Herbietown is self-hosted with wordpress.org. AS IF a pesky outfit like wordpress.com could contain my massive ego.

    It’s an interesting question. At first, we were annoyed at Google’s text ads, but now we don’t bat an eye.

    There are programs out there which turn your links into massively rich data sources….(go to A VC to see in action). They’re cool, but I hate that WordPress would force it on you.

    If you want freedom, you must self-host.

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