Good stuff: Trader Joe’s mâche

I haven’t really done this before, but I thought I’d start mentioning products that I really love once in a while. I’m inspired to begin the product plugging because a few weeks ago I want wandering helplessly through Trader Joe’s (I don’t know why, by grocery shopping turns me into a confused, helpless little thing; it’s pathetic), trying to remember why I was there, and I found myself standing in front of the refrigerated part of the produce section, eyes slightly glazed. I quickly unglazed when I spotted this (only not opened):

Mâche!!! And for half the price of one of those “mesclun plus mâche” mixed plastic boxes at Whole Foods! I love mâche, it’s my very favorite salad green. It’s also called “Lamb’s Ear,” because the delicate little leaves are shaped like, um, lamb’s ears. Somewhere deep in my psyche resides a Best Salad Ever, made with mâche, but sadly at the moment I can’t remember what else was involved, because I was so excited about the tender little greens. The leaves are bound together at their bases in little clusters–they are darling, as well as delicious:

We ate pizza one night, and then lovely salads of just the mâche and my plain mustard/sherry vinegar vinaigrette.

Salads in winter taste so good.

3 thoughts on “Good stuff: Trader Joe’s mâche”

  1. I love mache, too!
    I get so frustrated whenever Trader Joe’s is out of it …A salad just doesn’t get me going unless this yummy fresh lettuce-y thing is a part of it. I’ve tried planting some in my vegetable beds, we’ll see how that goes.
    Hopefully my veg garden will be a more reliable supplier than Trader Joe’s, but I’m not counting on it!

  2. I like the product plugs. You should consider joining Amazon’s Associates program, so you can provide links to products you love, and earn a tiny commission on each one.

    You’ve earned people’s trust and they want to cook like you, so link to the products you use and make 4%.

    I did it on Herbietown for baby products and man electronics. There’s a whole Herbietown store where envious readers can “try to be like Chris.”

  3. Mache is so cheap in France that it’s a little crazy, so we’ve been buying mountains of it. I made a salad the other day with mache, roquefort, onions, tomatoes, with a little bit of oil and cider vinegar (a concoction that feels significantly more Italian than French to me, but no matter!) and it was yummy. The next day we did mache, onions, this hardish Swiss-y cheese whose name I can’t remember but it wasn’t emmantal, and clementines. Yay salads. This is all I’m going to eat for the next four months…

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