Solo dinner in Lyon

After finishing my meandering shopping trip, I went to the Rue Mercier, a touristy pedestrian street lined with inexpensive restaurants. I had fun reading the prix fixe options on every menu, then picked the smallest and most crowded one for my solo dinner. I sat at a tiny table next to the door, facing out at the people waiting for seats:

I started with what I think is called Cervelles des canuts; fromage blanc (which is a fresh farmer’s cheese that is something like creme fraĆ®che crossed with cream cheese; I’d eaten it for breakfast with sugar and jam when I did home-stays in high school) mixed with fresh herbs and garlic and served with salad, dried ham, and a boiled potato:

I got a quenelle for my main course, though I had to beg off the cream sauce with shrimp. It was unbelievably light and fluffy, with a crisp outer coating (some sort of batter) and the faintest hint of fish flavor. It was served with rice and a potato gratin:

For dessert I had a crepe (pre-made, sadly; you can always tell) with honey. I think it was a local honey, it was very flavorful and not that sweet:

I finally cleared out; this poor guy had been waiting for my solo table for at least half the meal:

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