Market Days, Paris

Wednesday afternoon I stumbled across an afternoon market, which of course made me starving. If I weren’t allergic to half the ingredients I would have asked for a little container of that paella!

I’ve never cooked Poulet de Bresse, but I know chicken in France always tastes more like CHICKEN and less like Something Bland….I assume this is why?

Doesn’t this look perfect for a cold winter afternoon?

Ben came to Paris for the weekend; a long trip for two days but it was so much fun. I crossed my fingers as hard as I could, wishing for a bit of decent weather (Sunday was forecast “Rain and Strong Winds,” or as a taxi driver later called it “une tempĂȘte”) and Saturday I got my wish. Ben arrived around 8, napped for a while, and then we indulged the urge for coffee and pain au chocolat before setting out for the Clignancourt flea market. First, though, we wandered through the tiny market at the end of our street–nothing special, just fresh meat and poultry, amazing veggies, fingerling potatoes in a box of soil, fresh sea urchins… You know, the usual.

6 thoughts on “Market Days, Paris”

  1. Kate,
    I am so impressed that you are motivated enough to post while traveling. I should have done that while I was in Rome, and now one trip after another (Portland, and then Savnnah) and I am incredibly behind!Your pictures are terrific– and I can only imagine what a wonderful time you and Ben had together in such a magical place….

  2. Juree-
    It helps that I’ve been on the road alone except for the weekend–quiet nights! I have quite a lot more to write/post but I can’t upload the rest of my photos yet. My poor computer is completely full and I need to offload stuff first.

    How was the cooking school trip??

  3. I am enjoying your trip SO MUCH via your photos – but these images of the market in Paris are the living end. I want to book a flight right now just to get my hands on those Divers scallops! And isn’t it cold? Last time I was in Paris it was mid-January, and it was freezing! Thank you for sharing all of this with us!

  4. I love seeing markets in different countries. Is that a giant steaming pot of paella? Looks delicious, and makes me so hungry to re-visit some Mediterranean countries. -X

  5. It’s a very good idea to keep us informed on all your “discoveries” while travelling. The pictures are indeed excellent and that market was very fascinating!! Good One! Ciao

  6. Hi Kate! Actually, the cooking school trip was last year with my mom. We went to Saporita cooking school in Tuscany ( . We had a terrifc time!

    This time, I went to Rome with my boyfriend and we rented an apartment for a week and just relaxed. Here is the link to Rome, part 1 ( In other news, I have just accepted a job as editor at Timber press in Portland, Oregon where I will start a food and sustainability list for them. I know you are from Oregon and would love your thoughts on the differences between living in the northeast (I have been in NYC for seven years) and the Pacific Northwest. I loved the pictures of your mother’s garden so the idea of having my own garden at some point is very exciting! Are you home in Boston now?


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