Kitchen: One more pic

Ok, we’re just missing cabinet pulls, lighting, art…The fun stuff! I ordered cabinet pulls but something mysterious has happened to the order so I think I need to try again.

I also need to do some more treatments of the counter to make sure it has a good thick finish on it. But at least we have cabinet doors! I also added a couple more recent living rooms pictures to the apartment Flickr set.


Big thanks to Scrappy Girl and Another Shade of Gray, both of whom have given nice links to the blog in the last couple days! I’m touched and flattered; I love both of their blogs.

Xander, a world traveler who is currently living in Bangkok, writes about travels, food, and culture at his blog Primitive Culture. I am always fascinated by the gorgeous photos he posts of daily living around the world–he has a great eye and captures a lot of details that you don’t see in vacation pictures. Today he launched a new series, Bangkok Colors, which I think is going to be so inspirational. Today: Pink! All those pinks and spring greens are so preppy and the opposite of the autumnal colors that surround us here in Boston right now. Fun.

And finally, a random obsession. I loved love love white ceramic and porcelain stuff, and have been slowly building up a few pieces at home. In today’s House and Home section there was a fun slideshow about hits and busts at various home stores, and I was pleased to see the porcelain logs that I adore posted as a hit. The same shop, Koo de Kir, said a Jason Miller porcelain Hostess Cupcake was a total bust for them. But I love it (it’s down at the bottom)! So fun.

(photo from Koo de Kir)

7 thoughts on “Kitchen: One more pic”

  1. I love the paint on the walls! What color is it? I searched back through your posts and couldn’t find anything on it. I’d love to paint my kitchen that color. Thanks!

  2. Sorry, I put the paint names in the Flickr pool, and forgot to add them to the blog posts. It’s “Beacon Hill Damask,” from the Benjamin Moore Historic Colors collection.

  3. I love the paint color of you living room– what color of gray is that? Did you worry whether it would make the room appear darker? — it is lovely and really adds such definition to the room!

    And I just love the colors in xander’s photography…..

  4. It’s Silver Fox, by Benjamin Moore. I didn’t want to go too dark but the room really did need something to make the mouldings pop. I tried to find a mid-tone that wouldn’t make it cave-like (I chose a darker color for the dining room, which is always dark and is mostly used at night, so I didn’t mind a dark color for coziness).

  5. Congrats, Kate! What a lovely finished product – isn’t it magnificent to have counter space? That is such a beautiful apartment, by the way – it looks so cozy and wonderful to live in…

  6. Congratulations, Kate! It’s gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I swear I read your blog at lunchtime and then I eat so much more than I normally would. Let me know how you like the sink. I have to start on the kitchen soon.

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