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Today is Blog Action Day and thousands of bloggers are talking about how to make a positive impact on the environment… I’m sorry to say that we aren’t single-handedly saving the world–our recycling habits, especially, need help. But we both commute on public transportation, our building doesn’t have an elevator (heh), I try to buy local veggies and fruits 99% of the time, and I’ve been getting better and better about skipping the plastic bags. Today at Whole Foods I finally picked up one of their $1 bags, since the ones I’ve been using are a little small for any normal amount of food. I got the grape pattern, which I find charming.

Here’s a photo from an eBay auction where they’re selling the bag at a jacked up price (!?):

It has nice purple sides, very handsome.

The one thing I am pedantic about is staying away from water bottles. It’s easy and it makes sense–just use a reusable bottle, or a cup. I got a nice big cup for my desk at work, a bright and cheerful one from Target, and I fill it many times a day. A nice surprise when we got our new fridge was the clever little filtered water spout inside! I didn’t think we’d get filtered water, since we weren’t getting it in the door. It’s great–no more Brita to re-fill.

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