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A catch-up and catch-all post–here are some things I made over the last month:

For a wonderful dinner party with my aunt Suzanne and cousin Sara, I made a chilled summer squash and buttermilk soup, followed by sausages and israeli couscous and beans. I failed to take pictures of anything but the soup, which was a bit bland and lackluster no matter how much salt and pepper I added. Pretty, though!


Chinese noodles with brown sauce, from Bittman’s The Minimalist Cooks Dinner. Also not a huge success–it was ok but not killer. Does anyone have a really great simple chinese noodle recipe? I want a quick one, not one of the complicated Barbara Tropp ones. I’ll experiment with this…


Simple summer food (the flank steak was marinated in soy, brown sugar, etc.):


I am incredibly childish and when I got this heirloom tomato home from the grocery store and set it on the counter I could not stop laughing:


Sigh. I cut it up and combined it with zucchini in an absorption pasta topped with cow’s milk feta (a contradiction in terms, I know, but very delicious).


Finally, in case you haven’t had your fill of anthropomorphic produce (I never was able to bring myself to cook him!):


5 thoughts on “Misc. Meals”

  1. My mouth was watering at these photos! Yum – the simple steak and potatoes looks scrumptious …
    and I laughed at the tomato-butt, too.
    Something about the month of October really piques interest in anthropomorphic vegetables… hmmmmmm….

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